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Beneath the Surface

A dramatic reading of a true story by Rev. Joshua L. Love

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Rev. Joshua L. Love
The scene takes place in a hospital room during Joshua’s yearlong chaplaincy residency. Joshua narrates and reads as himself in this story and is accompanied by actresses, Lorraine Olsen, who portrays the role of the mother & Stephanie Lynne Smith who portrays the nurse. Lorraine Olsen is with Theatre Valentine, Stephanie Lynne Smith, is the Artistic Director of the Oakland-East Bay Gay Men’s Chorus and also writes, directs, and performs with Fifi & Fanny LIVE!

*The names and certain critical details have been changed or left out to protect the privacy of the individuals being portrayed.

See Me, Feel Me, Heal Me

Click to Play: See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me

Rev. Joshua L. Love
Rev. Joshua shares his experience working as a hospital chaplain and a miraculous story with an inspiring patient.

World AIDS Day 2011 Radio Interview

Click to Play: World AIDS Day 2011 Radio Interview
KPFA Radio (94.1)  |  December 1, 2011Joshua and Stepahnie
“Living Room” Hosted by Kris Welch, Runtime: 20 minutes
Stephanie Smith (Interim Artistic Director for Oakland East Bay Gay Men’s Chorus) and Rev. Joshua L. Love (longtime AIDS activist, author of “Uncommon Hope” and founder of The Church of Uncommon Hope) discuss the context for HIV and AIDS in 2011.

Learn more about HIV & AIDS at the following:
World Health Organization Progress Report 2011: Global HIV/AIDS response >>
World Health Organization HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet 2011 >>
UNAIDS HIV Fact Sheets >>


Staying Connected through DSL: Disappointments, Suffering, Loss

Click to Play: Staying Connected through DSL
Rev. Joshua L. Love
Rev. Joshua provides a message about coming to terms with suffering and finding daily opportunities for hope even in the midst of challenging economic and social circumstances.
Readings:  Mark 5:25-34 & excerpt from the Upanishads

One morning, the teacher announced to his disciples that they would walk to the top of the mountain.  The disciples were surprised because even those who had been with him for years, thought the teacher was oblivious to the mountain, whose crest looked serenely down on their town.  By midday, it became apparent that the teacher had lost direction.  Moreover, no provisions had been made for food.  There was increasing grumbling, but he continued walking, sometimes through underbrush and sometimes across faces of crumbling rock.  When they reached the summit in the late afternoon, they found other wanderers already there who had strolled up a well-worn path.  The disciples complained to the teacher.  He said only, “Those others have climbed a different mountain.”


Can Anyone Spare Some Change?

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Rev. Joshua L. Love
Rev. Joshua shares a message about the inspiring nature of courage.  When one of us shows courage against all odds miraculous changes can happen for all of us.
Readings: Matthew 15:21-28 & Quote by Harry Hay at Creating Change Conference, 1999

In 1948, when I first rifled through Alfred Kinsey’s best-selling book The Sexual Behavior of the Human Male, I sensed then that this book should require that all Americans forevermore recast their thinking about homosexuals. His chapter five was implying to me that we were a class of people with the social and political dimensions of a cultural minority. Indeed, a viciously oppressed minority, who, were we to organize, might someday even liberate ourselves under principles protected by the American Constitution.


House of God: No Walls, No Mistakes

Click to Play: House of God-No Walls
Rev. Joshua L. Love
Rev. Joshua shares a message through the lens of the stories of Jacob and Esau about our opportunities for change in spite of the choices we made in the past and the circumstances of our lives.
Readings:   Genesis 25-33

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